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KAAMKAAZI is on a mission, we want every person to have all the information before starting a business so that he never fails to do business! He should work for success in his life and keep moving forward, if there is information then there will be more scope for success, that is why we are teaching business to those who want to start their work from a small level.Yadhu chaturvedi is founder of this channel he thinks that we provide all information of every industry before any person that industry So he should have complete knowledge of the industry and how it works......

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The Capacity to Envisage Future Market Trends
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The Capacity to Envisage Future Market Trends


Firoz H Naqvi
Founder & Director -FSNM
Sarita Chauhan
Business Coach And Motivational Speaker
Vimal Sharma
Food Sector Expert (Expr. 20 Years +)
Opesh Singh
Founder Of 3b Consulting
Rakesh Kharra
Founder & Ceo Neat & Clean
Gaurav Sharma
Machinery Advisor




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