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Hello My Name Is Yadhu Chaturvedi

Before Talking About This Program, Let Me Tell You About My Life, How I Started My Journey. Living in a Small Town Tonk in Rajasthan, I Did Bca and During My Graduation, I Was Inclined Towards Business. After Completing My Degree, I Decided to Do Mba. Mba Was Going Well That for Some Reason I Had to Drop It Out and That Was the Reason for My Rush to Start My Business. I Took a Vision and Borrowed Money From the Family Members and I Started the Restaurant Business on Highway With a Good Investment. About 10 to 15 People Started Working in My Business and I Ran This Work for About 9 Months but Because I Came in Business Without Knowledge, I Could Not Understand the Operations, Cash Flow, and Management and Failed.

From There I Got a Vision That the Work I Have to Do Now Is to Be Done Without Investment Because I Had Invested a Lot of Money and Money Was Not Working, That Means There Was a Shortage in Me Somewhere. I Never Thought That the Shortfall Was in the Works. In These Days, Sandeep to Maheshwari Who Was Saying That Money Is Not Needed for Business, if You Have a Plan for Any Product or Service, Then You Start Working by Looking at the Opportunity, Because if You Search Carefully, You Will Get Many Opportunities in Life. Meets | at That Time I Was Looking for an Opportunity in My Life as Well, but the Same Thing Happened to Me as It Happens in Most Middle Class Families. To Prepare for the Goverment Job Because My Father Is Also a Government Employee.


I Also Started Feeling That Maybe Middle Class Families Cannot Dream of Business Because Business Means Investment but in My Mind I Was Thinking That What Work Can Be Done Without Investment Because I Have Taken Money From Family Members. And Now There Was No Possibility of Getting Credit From Anywhere Else Because Everyone Knew About the Failure of My Business. Then I Saw an Opportunity and My Journey Started. I Started Analyzing the Market With Coaching and Found That in Manufacturing Industry or Small Scale Industry Where People Could Come Only With Big Investment. I Saw That Most of the People Here Also Do the First Thing They Do Is Selling. There Are Some Ready Made Products Available in the Market Which Can Be Sold Under Their Own Name. So I Also Started Selling Some Spices From the Market by Packing Them in White Polythene.

Work Started in 3-4 Variations. From That Vision Came in My Mind That This Is a Product Based Industry, There Is a Lot of Scope and Opportunity Here. The Business of Trading Was Going on on a Small Scale, Then I Opened My Election Campaigning Agency, Whose Name Was Hk Election Campaigning Agency, This Is a Matter of the Year 2016. This Was My First Firm Which Got Registered. This Time I Was Doing Business in the Service Sector, I Worked With Many Politicians in the Rajasthan Assembly Elections. I Did This Work for Almost 2 Years. Meanwhile, I Saw on Youtube That Many People Were Telling Business Ideas and They Were Telling That Earn Lakhs of Rupees From One Machine and They Were Showing Many Things Which Were Not True. At That Time, I Was Earning More Money Than Any Job Person and That Time I Was Counsalting People to Do Business in This Way Because My Vision Was Clear in My Mind That How to Establish Myself in This Market. Then I Decided I Should Go Online Youtube I Found the Best Platform to Put My Vision in Front of the People.


First I Made Videos of Coaching Business, After That Made Video of Business of Incense Sticks Which Was a Huge Hit and It Made Me Understand That People Are Needed Here, So I Put My Mobile Number on Youtube and Started Helping People for Free. Did That How You Can Start Your Business With Only Nominal Investment Without Installing a Machine, How You Have to Do Trading Work, From Where You Will Get the Raw Material. Because Then Incense Sticks Were Being Available for 60 Rupees a Kg, as Well as Flavor and Pouches Were Also Being Available From the Market. So I Suggested People to Sell It. This Is How I Caught the Industry. This Is Where My Life Took a New Turn When I Started a Youtube Channel My Sister Suggested the Name of This Channel That It Is Related to Work, Then It Would Be Best to Name Kaamkaazi.


I Was Currently Making Videos for Part Time Youtube Because My Election Campaigning Work Was Going on, Along With This I Had Also Started the Work of Video Production.meanwhile, I Was Also Working on Personal Branding. I Loved Exploring From the Beginning. As a Consultant I Did Not Know That I Would Ever See Such an Opportunity. But When I Gave Free Consultancy Services to People for 3 Years, I Came to Know a Pettarn That Money Can Be Earned in This Way Too, So I Registered a Company and Made Myself a Professional and Started Giving Chargeable Offline Consultancy to the People. And in Such a Large Number, I Taught Business to People and Told How Manufacturing Works. How Can You Do Anything Like Trading, Wholesaling, Retailing at Any Level. I Tried to Explain the Power of the Market to the People Because There Is More Opportunity Than There Is Competition in the Local Market of India if You Have a Product. I Understood the Need of the Product. Even Though I Was Working in the Service Based Industry but I Liked the Product Industry Very Much.


Because the Product Industry Is Such an Industry Where You Can Give Your Product to Multiple People to Survive. But in Servises, You Will Have to Work Yourself or You Will Have to Hire Employees. So While Working in Servises, I Felt as if My Visions Were Being Violated, I Had to Sit at My Work Daily. As the Era Was Becoming Digital, I Was Also Planning Something Different, Since I Had 2 Lakh Subscribers on My Youtube Channel, I Thought That I Should Start My Business by Making a Product in This Industry. And I Thought of Making This Training Program.but While Working on This, on 26 December 2019, the Biggest Incident Happened to Me So Far That My Youtube Channel Got Hacked. Now I Started Finding This Journey Very Difficult Because It Was the Result of My Hard Efforts So Far, Everything Was Destroyed All at Once. But I Kept Myself Positive and Kept My Dreams of Going to the Next Level Alive.


In Those 3 Months I Worked on Myself to Explore How I Can Bring People to My Digital Platform. At That Time I Thought of Making the Most Economical and Most Knowledge Funnel of the Training Program of This Industry. I Told My Team That We Will Be Engaged in This Work Whether Today the Channel Goes Away or Any Other Problems Come. We Will Build Another Kaamkaazi but Will Definitely Reach 1000 People. Thanks to Lord Krishna That Our Channel Came Back in February. After That I Started This Journey.i Started Giving People Free Content With Inbound Market and Started Giving Knowledge of Particular Business. In This Way I Started Making a Business Model From a Youtube Channel. Our Website Was Made. Now the Time Had Come to Launch Our Application Which Was a Difficult Task Because We Had Come Up With an Ott Platform Where You Have to Stream People for Which Proper Server Had to Be Provided Without Buffring. For This We Created a Very Good Platform by Hiring an It Team. Now Crores of People Have Seen Us, Lakhs of People Have Contacted Us and Thousands of People Have Joined Us.


This Was Our Biggest Achievement That We Were Educating That Section of the Society Which Was Very Less Educated and Who Did Not Have Any Mindset of Doing Business Because for Him Business Meant Investment. Today I Am Increasing My Vision and Trending People. Kaamkaazi.com Has Become a Platform That Is Providing Training in Small Scale, Fmcg Industry. Many Consultants Have Been Associated With Us. We Have a Team That Works Day and Night to Scale the Business of the People. I Have Not Come Here to Earn Money. My Aim Is to Give Solution to the People. The Mistakes From Which I Have Come Here Today After Learning and Due to Lack of Knowledge, the Problems I Have Faced Should Not Be in Someone Else’s Career.


Our Target Is That in the Coming 5 Years, We Can Make About 1 Lakh People Self-reliant by Giving Business Knowledge. I Cannot Describe the Challenges That Were in Front of Me, Which Was the Phase of My Life. There Was No One to Help Me at That Time. But Now I Do Not Want Anyone Else to Get Stuck Due to Such Problems. Now if Challenges Come in Front of Someone, Then Our Team Is Sitting for That. Our Vison Is to Make People Learn, Our Mission Is to Start People’s Business and Take Them to Success. Even Today There Is No Dearth of Opportunity in the Country, but There Is a Lack of Mindset, Just People Will Have to Wake Up a Little. And for This We Are Engaged With Full Passion.


Thanks Guys